megan (flogging_megan) wrote in thescene_unseen,

The Scene.....

Well it means, for me anyway, Jessica showing up at my house and asking my mom and dad ( not me) if i can to a show with her at such and such place and time, my parents, always looking to get me out of the house, agree and of we go.
It is hearing new bands that are really good and are out there trying to make something of their music, it is meeting lots of really cool people who are there for the same thing you are....the music. it means going places and doing things and getting lost in strange cities and hanging out with bands afterwards who are really happy you came to see them. it means national's lemon rice soup and my broken down car and a lead singer's obsession with Amish chicks who turn out to be 14 and not Amish at all. it means that it is ok to fall on your ass while dancing and it is ok to find a tall guy in chick pants to hide from the mosh pit behind, it means standing really close to the bands and losing yourself in the music. and it means actually having some thing do on weekends.
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