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this is the new sound, just like the old sound

back in the day when no one was cool and the scene was about music

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****first things first: this is not a community who rates people and kicks them out because they are not 'scene' enough. who the hell knows what the 'scene' is anyways? its abstract--like freedom. the 'scene' is defined differently for everyone. its not about your haircut, or your bandanna, or your girl pants, your messenger bag, or any clothes you wear to make you look 'scene'. the scene is music. its your friends. its that feeling you get when you go to a local show with people you can relate to and forget the shit thats going on in your life. the scene is a feeling--an abstract one--freedom.

***the only way you get in this community is to click join. then simply state in your first post what the 'scene' means or is to you. feel free to post whatever you want. within a few rules:

1. if you're posting pics from a show, use a lj cut.
2. make posts somewhat relevant.
3. no arguments. i wont deal with it. i'll just delete it. thanks.